Good Restaurants

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  1. Eat earlier or later than the average crowd so that you can get the attention you need.
  2. Call ahead and make reservations, notifying the restaurant of your needs.
  3. Ask questions to be sure that what you are served is in fact gluten-free.
  4. Verify fried items are not cross-contaminated by being fried in the same oil as gluten containing foods.
  5. Be polite.
  6. Get to know the restaurant's staff. Being a "regular" has its perks.
  7. Tips -- it will be remembered.
    • waiter or waitress most wait staff have lost sight of the fact that a tip is a gratuity and NOT a must.
      • 15% of bill. 20% If it is a 4 star + restaurant or for large parties.
    • headwaiter / maitre d' good maitre'd can make your dining experience extraordinary. However, they can also make it a pretty bad one.
      • $20 - $100 or more depending on the occassion, the restaurant, your frequency, and of course, whether you like to be taken good care of or not
    • owner
      • none
    • wine steward
      • 15% of wine bill
    • bartender
      • 10-15% of bar bill
    • busboy
      • none
    • servers at counter
      • 15% of bill
    • coat check attendant
      • $1 for one or two coats
    • rest room attendant
      • 50 cents to $1
    • car park attendant
      • $1

List of other restaurants we like:

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